Autonomous Cabin Concept

Autonomous Cabin Concept design engineers Panasonic

General Information

The Product

Panasonic Autonomous Cabin Concept

Product Information

Panasonic’s Autonomous Cabin concept demonstrates Panasonic’s vision of a future autonomous cabin, featuring new and innovative ways to use touch displays, enhance the in cabin experience with smart materials and utilize novel ways to display information inside the car.

Key Features

Connected Interactive Tables

Each seat features a table with an interactive screen in 4k resolution that can be used as touch display or foldable table or both at the same time.

The unique Connected Interactive Table also presents the HMI to the individual passenger. The passenger’s 4k Table Tablets can be moved and combined in various was either side by side, or with the opposite table or even al for tables to form a big interaction surface.

Technical data:

  • 20" IPSα kapazitiver 10-Finger-Touch Bildschirm
  • 3840 x 2560 px
  • Intel® Core™ i5-5300U vPro™-Prozessor
  • Intel® HD Graphics 5500
  • 8 GB RAM und 256 GB SSD

Smart Material

The exhibit features a wooden panel that can act as display to show general information about the trip to the passengers such as cabin temperature or estimated time for arrival.

This interior material is made of resin, which is decorated with Panasonic’s unique Film-in-Molding technology. This process allows creating plastic parts with the ultra-realistic look and feel of wood, metal, fabric, or leather.  These parts can even be illuminated with a hidden backlight which creates a never before seen magic look of the interior decoration parts. It is even possible to animate this illumination and to use interior decoration parts as displays for safety or information purposes.


Nano-ee clean air technology is integrated in the interior:

  • Nano-sized electrostatic particle water eliminated unpleasant vehicle odors
  • Air-improving effect by deodorizing the car cabin
  • Contributes to suppression of mold and allergens

Window Screen

(AR Windows)

Transparent displays bonded to the windows can display contact analog information to augment objects outside the car with additional information.

These displays can also act as regular displays showing all kinds of information.

Magic Ring

The Magic Ring is a detachable input device that can be placed on the Connected Interactive Tables. There it is recognized by the UI and can be used to adjust  analog values or perform a selection out of a circular arrangement.

The center of the ring (which is the touch screen) can be used to select or confirm values.

Fridge/Coffee Machine

The center console provides hot and cold drinks. The integrated coffee make can freshly brew a variety of coffee specialties.

Personal Sound Zone

Each passenger has a set of speakers built in his headrest. These speakers can create individual sound zones with personal audio content. The individual sound zone also can suppress ambience noise with Panasonics noise reduction technologies to increase the passengers’ comfort.

Face Recognition

In car cameras scan the faces of the passengers. The “driver” is identified by biometric face recognition. The “driver” role is allowed to fully control the car by e.g. changing the destination.

Magic Objects

Magic Mug

Smart objects are recognized by the Connected Interactive Table. The HMI can react and interact with these objects. In the video the objects of virtual game go out of the way when the coffee mug is put on the table to stay visible.